3 Basic Cover Letter Designs

There are many cover letter designs that you can use to write your own. Here are 4 basic types that you take into your consideration.

  1. Traditional Type

Yes, it may be as you guess. The traditional cover letter designs are the simplest and the easiest one you can find. It is better to use this type if you are sending your resume to very traditional companies such as law firm or healthcare corporation. Or a very traditional position like an accountant or a lawyer. Keep the contain professional and under the constraints.

  1. Impact Type

Impact cover letter will work best if you are applying for the position where you are expected to give certain results or goals. Maybe you aim to be an event planner where you need to be creative. Or you may want to be at the sales department where you need to fulfill a certain quota. Make your personality shining through this cover letter designs and do not forget to highlight your successes and hard skills.

  1. Writing Sample Type

These cover letter designs are perfect when you aim for the roles with communication skills are everything. Use this type especially if you want to write for the openings as copyediting, reporting or Public Relation. This cover letter will work as your writing sample as well. You are allowed to have fun with this kind of cover letter and show them off your best skills. But, it is vital to check grammar and spelling several times.

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