A Simple Cover Letter Example for You to Base Your Cover Letter From

If you folks are looking for a simple cover letter example, then perhaps we can help you. While we would not give you a clear and defined example of what a cover letter should look like, we can give you several things you need to write in your cover letter. Without further ado, let us begin.

The date

Pretty obvious here, right?

The recipient

Again, pretty obvious. If you do not have a recipient, who on earth would you send the letter to? You can have more than one recipients, but you have to be careful not to mess it up because it is very easy to get this part wrong.

The purpose introduction

Some folks skip the introduction and go to the next information, but some folks say that you really have to introduce the purpose of the letter before you introduce yourself.

Your identity

You can switch up the identity part with the purpose introduction and most employers would not see you as an odd person. Just remember to put your name, your DoB (Date of Birth) and PoB (Place of Birth), and other relevant information like last education and whatnots (depending on the needs of the company) here.

The mandatory thank you

This is very much mandatory. You have to thank the person or the people reading the letter because you are by chance of talking to a busy person or people. A little thank you would put you on a humble side and people love humble folks. This is something that you will find in a good simple cover letter example, so there is no reason for you not to write this part.

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