Everything You Need to Know About Recommendation Letter Template

When it comes for you to recommend someone for a certain job or position, you need to write a letter of recommendation. It is not something hard to do, especially if you have already known what to write in the letter. In addition, there are a lot of recommendation letter template samples that are available on the internet.

Recommendation Letter Template

With the recommendation letter template that you can easily find in the websites, your task to write the letter becomes much easier. The templates come with formats where you can put your writing in. All you need to do is just following the template to create the recommendation letter to praise someone that you think deserves it. You can also customize your own recommendation letter based on you and your candidates’ specific need.

What Should Be Included

To write a recommendation letter, there are some basics that you should include in it. First, you need to write your identity to the top part of the letter. Then, you can choose between writing salutation or not based on the type of letter. In the first paragraph, you should write about the connection with the candidates you recommend. Meanwhile, the personal information of the candidates should be written in the second paragraph and the position they intend to apply should be written in the third paragraph.

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