How to Create a Good Teaching Resume Template

How is a good teaching resume template? In general, all types of resume have similar or even the same points. However, for certain jobs, there must be certain points to make it more acceptable. Well, a teacher is one of the jobs in which the resume must have those details. So, what are the details to include for a good teaching resume? Here they are.

First of all, you must highlight your education. When you have been graduated from a college or school with education majors, your resume can be just focused on this area. It simply makes you more prioritized from other applicants with a non-educational background. The “education” thing is not only on the description of the educational background but even the heading. Yes, on the heading, there must be your name along with your “education” title.

Second, bring all your teaching experiences whether it is formal or informal. Of course, it must be relevant to the job you want to teach. For example, if you are applying for a math teacher job, it means you should not mention your English teaching experience if you have. Although both are as teachers, they are not relevant and it makes you look less professional. Not to forget, there must be all the certifications on the teaching resume template.

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