How to Write a New Teacher Resume

In this article, we are going to give you a guide to make a new teacher resume. Creating a resume for new teachers could be a bit complicated compared to those who are not that new on the field. Keep in mind that every resume should be anchored to the position you are eyeing.


The summary is basically the place of resume objectives in the old rules. This is used because it seems a bit off when you are setting your own goals with the potential employers. This is why the summary is used because you will emphasize your unique skill and define what you can do for the employers instead. In the new teacher resume, the summary is about yourself in a professional way and it also provides the information that may not show up on other sections in your resumes, such as teaching philosophy and attitude.

Other requirements

You will need to write an Achievement section to show what things you have done but make sure that anything is appropriate. Meanwhile, other requirements may depend on the school you are applying to. You better ask that to the administrator. Do not forget to bring your GPA and test scores along with your transcripts with your new teacher resume.

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