The Great Resume Examples Format You Must Know

It is easy to find the examples of resume on the internet but if you really want to get a job, you must choose great resume examples. The format of the resume becomes one of the important element to determine whether you have a great resume or not.

Chronological Resume Format

If you have a lot of working experiences and previous jobs, you can write a resume with a chronological format. The function of this format is to focus on showing the list of your previous jobs and working experience you have.

Functional Resume Format

Some of the great resume examples are written in the functional format. This is because the format shows more on the skills and expertise of the writer. After reading the resume, it hopes that the reader is sure that you are qualified for the job.

Combination Resume Format

For a complete resume, you can use a combination format to write a resume. This format combines the chronological and functional format. As a result, you can show your skills as well as your previous job.

The point is that there are a lot of great resume examples you can get. What you have to do is selecting them based on the format so you can write down an effective resume to achieve your goals.

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