A Guidance to Write a Good Resume Summary Statement

For those who do not know, the resume summary statement is a short description of your previous experiences and what you have done in the past. This resume summary is located at the top of your resume. Making this resume summary will increase the chance for you to get hired. Usually, the resume summary contains of explanation on items in your resume which you want the hiring manager to read first.  Because most of the hiring managers only glance at your resume, it is important to make an eye-catching resume summary to grab their attention and convince them that you are suitable for the job.

When you write the resume summary statement, you need to keep in mind that you have to choose your experience which relevant to the job you applied. You also need to keep it short so you can just summarize your qualifications and put in some fundamental skills. Since this is a summary, you only need to write around 50 words or less. You definitely cannot end up repeating what is already in your resume below. Just remember to write all of the essential tidbits of your information in the resume summary statement which will pique the hiring manager’s interest and force them to read the rest of your resume.

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