Student Resume Examples and Templates

The student resume template is very helpful especially if you write this is your first time to make a resume. There are several things and information you need to include. In this article, we are going to show you how to write a resume for students.

Tips for writing student resumes

When you are newly graduated or still in school, it seems like there is not much to write on your resume. However, you have several qualifications you can state on your student resume template for sure. If you have a strong GPA or you are in the Dean’s List then you need to write that information right in the education section.

Talking about work experience, you may not have a lot of them. But if you have participated in some volunteer works and other activities then you should include them as well. Any hobby that seems relevant to the job you are eyeing should be stated as well.

Other things

Volunteer and campus experience should be on the list. Other than that, if you have skills like writing, singing, or anything that seems related to your job then you need to write down the information too. Do not forget to include your honors and awards on your student resume template.

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