Best Tips to Create an Art Director Resume

How should art director resume be? A position as an art director is indeed interesting and wanted b many people. Particularly if you have a skill around arts, this position must really want to achieve. Well, if this is the job you are looking for and there is a vacancy, a resume must be one of the requirements given.

In general, the resume for being an art director is not different from the resumes for other jobs. There must be the heading, objective and some categories of education, skills, experiences, achievements, and more. Is it possible for a fresh graduate to be an art director? Of course, it is. However, it means you must not highlight the professional experiences you definitely don’t have. Focus on other things including skills and achievements you have gained in the college.

Meanwhile, make sure to master some computer programs including InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, and more. Besides, there must also management skills to master. For example, it is an ability to manage a certain budget and apply it as effective as possible. Explain them in the resume in short and brief sentences and place them at the beginning of the resume. This way, it is expected that your art director resume will be more attractive.

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