The 3 Best Resume Words to Use

You need to sort the resume words to use in order to avoid any cliche. If you are going to write your own resume, there is a set of ground rules you should follow. And also, you may need to learn what words you should and should not include in your resume.


You can include “redesigned” as the first word on the list or resume words to use. Of course, it depends on the job you are looking for. But this word definitely shows leadership and transformation. By using “redesigned”, you already show the problem-solving skill and the ability to reduce inefficiencies.

“Valuable” or “Value”

Those words reflect the ability to think upon their own actions in terms of how the business would be improved. Instead of using “hard-working”, you better try “value” or “valuable”. It shows how the candidate could be productive.


The word “committed” shows dedication from starting to finishing. Other than that, you need to edit your resume like an expert. Also, it is important to be specific when choosing resume words to use.

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