The Best Samples of Cover Letter That You Might Not Expect To Be Good

Formality is usually something that is seen as a big thing when one is writing a cover letter, but these samples of cover letter prove that it is not always the case. Now, we would like to bring you several cover letters that come with a tiny difference to your ordinary cover letter.

A self-deprecating letter

Normally, you really have to put yourself on the highest podium if you are trying to sell yourself to an employer. There is someone who thinks that this kind of thing is not a good thing to do. Instead of praising yourself to oblivion, a CL that Forbes has found tells of a person who is being (probably) too honest with himself.

Dropping the curses

So we have this dude called Jesse Hertzberg, the ex-COO of Squarespace, receiving a different kind of letter than most. Instead of being formal and being all good, curses littered the letter he received. He mentioned that the letter is the best letter he received, so you might want to learn from it.

Lastly, off with the formalities

There is a letter that kicks away the entire notion of being formal for something else entirely different. Curses, jokes, and other things that you might not expect from a cover letter are available in a cover letter found by Huffington Post. The best part is that the person who writes this letter got accepted into the company he is applying for. Probably among the most unique samples of cover letter available, but if it looks stupid but it works, it is not stupid.

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